installing Slack

2019-11-20 02:43:27 UTC

step 0: prerequisites

this tutorial assumes the following:

  1. you are registered and logged into
  2. you have at least one git repo integrated
  3. you have permission to install the gitenvs app onto your Slack workspace

step 1: navigate to token manager

navigate to the account management, and click on "manage tokens"

step 2: choose token provider

the page should display a form titled "authorize new token". select "Slack" and press "create token"

step 3: allow access for gitenvs

follow the steps on Slack to confirm and allow gitenvs into your Slack workspace.

accepting gitenvs permissions on slack

step 4: manage your Slack token

after you have completed the steps on, you should be redirected back to and see the "available tokens" installed on your user. click on "manage" on your slack token.

step 5: connect token to project

click on "connect token to project"

step 6: choose project and channel

pick the project, and select the channel you want gitenvs build notifications to be sent to. aside from the notification, this channel will be special, as it will assume all commands within the channel is directed towards the project chosen. you can change this later.

step 7: confirmation

you should be directed back to the token page with the installed project listed below. it's important to note the keyword, as this will be needed when using gitnevs commands outside of the channel specified.

step 8: read the manual

congratulations, you have the gitenvs Slack integration installed. in any channel or direct message type in /gitnevs help. you may also view a copy of the Slack manual here