Slack manual

2019-11-20 02:50:09 UTC
        gitenvs - official Slack cli for interacting with gitenvs

        /gitenvs <command> [<args>]

            This will override the gitenvs default response behaviour and make your command,
            and the gitenvs response viewable to the channel.

        --project <project>
            This will force the project, and may be necessary when trying to use commands
            in channels that are not mapped out.

        add <branch> <environment> [--name "<name>"] [--position <position>]
            This will add a "feature" branch to an environment.
            Re-running this command will update the name and/or
            position if provided


            --name "<name>"
                Set the name. The name must be wrapped within single or double quotes.
                You may escape quotes with a typical backslash.

            --position <position>
                Set the merge position. Expected value is any positive integer.

        remove <branch> <environment>
            This will remove a "feature" branch from an environment

        build <environment>
            This will initiate a new build of the environment

        status [<environment>]
            This will print out the status of the project.
            You can pass an environment as a filter

            This will print out the slack channel to project mapping.

            You already know what this does