collaborative git environment tool

manage your testing environments without the headache

Supported Integrations

gitlab integration
github integration
bitbucket integration
slack integration


Automatic Builds
If a feature branch has been updated, gitenvs will rebuild the environment with the newest changes
Build Notifications
gitenvs will let you know if your environments has merge conflicts
Reapply Conflicts
automatically applies resolved merged conflicts, allowing you to keep feature branches separate
Check Environment
Keep confusion to a minimal by allowing the team to easily check which features exist in which environments
Add / Remove Branches
gitenvs makes it easy to add and remove feature branches from environments
Collaborate Easily
The days when your team members overwrote your environment by accident is now in the past.


creator of gitenvs

I created gitenvs to solve a couple internal pain points while working in a small dev team. I needed a tool that would take developer's feature branches, and automatically merge them into a testing environment. Although merging branches should be a trivial task, it was the project management aspect of keeping track of which feature was in which testing environment, re-applying the same merge conflicts, rebasing on master, and dealing with other developers accidentally overwriting each other's branches that I was trying to solve for. We had three testing environments at the inception of gitenvs, and I was simply spending to much time merging and deploying code that I wanted to create something that could do it automatically. I also wanted to provide greater visibility to the qa team and other dev's. I'm clearly bias, but I feel that the development cycle became more efficient, confusion decreased, and I freed up a lot of my time to do higher value tasks. As a result, I think there is a market for my little creation, so I polished it up a little, and released it for public to use. I hope gitenvs works out for you as it did for me and my team.